Mull Historical Society : Watching Xanadu

...a cheesy, tacky and exquisitely enjoyable laugh-at-the-moon pop song...

(Adopts brooding Mark Kermode monotone): that’s 'Xanadu' as in the legendary melding of mercurial talents between Olivia Newton-John and ELO in a genre-busting 1980 movie about - and OPM’s lip piercings should be trembling with excitement at this point - roller-skating in heaven.

Its genius has yet to be surpassed in cinematic history and here, finally, is a fitting musical tribute - a cheesy, tacky and exquisitely enjoyable laugh-at-the-moon pop song played on sleigh bells and stylophones by a skinny Scottish bloke in a bad cardigan. A shoo in to that big box at the top of the page any other week of the year, this is what Christmas Eve in the basement of the Rough Trade shop must be like. You’re advised to book early.

Mark Beaumont

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