Spiritualized : Do It All Over Again

Jason Pierce has once again given us something truly timeless - and it's our single of the week...

Leave it to Jason Pierce, the inscrutable face of titanic space-rock, to make every other single this week sound wimpy and incomplete. This may be the third release from last year's stupendous 'Let It Come Down' - but every time our tortured hero emerges from his fortress of deathless dreaming to deliver a meditation on life, love and the hazy line between Drugs and God, we have no choice but to shut up and listen.

'Do It All Over Again' finds him in an almost optimistic mood, (" You gotta hope for the best and the best looks great now baby"), nodding out in front of the TV and burning holes in his furniture. Injecting a glint of knowing pop into the heady Spiritualized

brew of gospel, garage and fulsome orchestration, this is classic Pierce - warm, desolate, wryly funny, moving and ephemeral all at once.

A promise: Of all records released this week - probably even this month - this is the only one you'll play in your dotage and find it as beautiful and evocative as you do now. Jason Pierce has once again given us something truly timeless.

April Long

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