Princess Superstar : Bad Babysitter

Sex, violence, blackmail, extortion and terror...

Sex, violence, blackmail, extortion and terror - welcome to an average Friday evening in the life of a teenage girl. She is not the victim, however. She is the perpetrator. And her role model is Princess Superstar, New York's bargain basement hip-hop diva, who tells it like it is on this frank, funny, outrageous single.

If hip-hop's about keeping it real, Princess Superstar does a great job. Not since L7's 'Babysitters On Acid' has the institution of babysitting - aka forcing bored young women to look after spoiled brats for below minimum wage - been so amusingly detailed. Our 'Bad Babysitter' can't wait for Mom and Dad to go out the door: there's a fridge to be raided, prescription drugs to be pillaged, 'Platoon' to entertain little Josh, rude sex to be had on the couch, and Dad to seduce on the ride home... "I'm a bad babysitter/Got my boyfriend in your shower/Wooh!/I'm makin' six bucks an hour" quips Princess S as cheery horns witness the carnage. Concetta Kirschner won't go down in history as one of rap's most significant voices, but her fruity, quick-witted, mercurial flow is uniquely excellent. Refreshingly original, 'Bad Babysitter' makes a great deal of a bad, bad job.

Kitty Empire

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