The Burn : The Smiling Face

Hey, isn't modern life great!? ...

"This smiling face is going to fuck you over".

Oh dear. Harmonica driven rock-blues so retro it smokes Players untipped, wears a de-mob suit and carries its whale-meat sarnies in a gas mask case. This is such a cowardly exercise in cultural necrophilia that it makes Starsailor

sound positively futuristic. And it reeks of Spam.

Still, if you'd've said "fuck" in 1963 they'd've hung you. Because in them days a glimpse of stocking was simply shocking but nowadays you can go "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" all day long and no fucker blinks a fucking eye. And "wank". You can even get away with a sentence like - "Oi, Burn, why don’t you just fuck off, you tedious old Weller-wanking c---s?" (er, except that last bit – Ed) Hey, isn't modern life great!?

Steven Wells

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