Oakenfold, Paul : Bunkka

...the place dance music goes to die...

The Oakenfold is, of course, Paul Oakenfold - DJ ubermensch, Happy Mondays co-producer and a prime mover in club culture from acid house onwards.

Perhaps realising that mainstream house music now seems about youthful and thrilling as a subscription to the Readers' Digest, he's made his first-ever album as an artist, a would-be genre-busting melting pot of his influences.

It is, alas, a disaster. For a start, Paul Oakenfold's Rolodex has failed him - his guest stars are the dodgiest bunch of has-beens since 'An Audience With Lulu'. Perry Farrell, Ice Cube, Tricky and the bloke from Crazy Town bring nothing more to the party than dodgy lyrics and a sense of burned-out ennui.

'Southern Sun' distinguishes itself by having a decent tune, but it's essentially nothing more revolutionary than the airy trance Perfecto has purveyed for years. That's Paul Oakenfold's 'Bunkka' - the place dance music goes to die.

Alex Needham

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