Elegant Time

Appropriately, then, it's newer signings like wide-eyed sample-fiend [B]Zero Theory[/B] and Finland's schmaltz-funkateers [a]Pepe Deluxe[/a] who provide two eloquent reasons why [B]Catskills[/B] seems

Ah, big beat - so much to answer for. Festive in spirit, daft in practice, it's a wonder it lasted as long as it did. Shrewdly, the Brighton and London-based Catskills stable dipped its paw in that particular pool only rarely (just seven singles in nearly three years), though the results were always casually spectacular.

And now... a quick recap for those who missed out, plus a handful of recent additions. Not for Catskills the fumbling-in-the-dark bravado of their less able peers; no, they prefer a resolutely uncomplicated and natural process in order to attain the kind of drowsy enlightenment offered by, say, The Mexican and his down-soft hip-hop, 'Spunky Love Fun'.

Some take it too far, notably label bosses Sonorous Star and their quasi-ambient, patchouli-scented 'Journey Through Hell's Kitchen', while Drunk Master's 'Hip Hop Scuba Diver' reverts to the tired and testing big-beatery clueless advertisers use to sell alcopops to children. Still, must be doing something right.

Appropriately, then, it's newer signings like wide-eyed sample-fiend Zero Theory and Finland's schmaltz-funkateers Pepe Deluxe who provide two eloquent reasons why Catskills seems destined to be an imprint of mildly distracting significance in the near future. Big beat, at least, didn't die in vain.
7 / 10

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