Edan : I See Colours

He is, as they say in hip hop circles, well and truly on some other shit...

For the uninitiated, Edan is a white nerd-rap genius who does all his own rhymes, beats, scratches and probably cycles across America on a small pushbike to check how the record is selling. Every style of rap that has ever been invented, he can do better than anybody on the planet, but he is stymied in his quest for rap superstardom by looking like E from the Eels in the third week of a hunger strike. I won't give away what the chorus of this glorious slice of sashaying hallucino-hop is, but I will say that you will know it, you will love it, and you will sing along to it until your throat weeps bloody tears. Edan also, magnanimously, concedes that somebody else has used the loop he is using, in the first line of the first verse. He is, as they say in hip hop circles, well and truly on some other shit.

Pete Cashmore

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