Vines : Winning Days

This week - good again!...

Well, sting my ring with a McApple Slice, what is everybody’s problem with Vines? Did I miss the meeting of the Grand Order Of Fickle Rock Hackery where Craig Nicholls gave a lecture entitled ‘Why All Your Mums Are Slags’? If you ask me, ‘Winning Days’ (the album) is a refinement of the Nirvana-itis seizure that was ‘Highly Evolved’ and ‘Winning Days’ (the single) is a sepia slice of forlorn waftadelica that finds Nicholls bemoaning his lost glories like a one-man Manchester United. Meanwhile Vines prove that butter wouldn’t melt on their copy of Stone Roses and, frankly, if you’d really rather hear a madman gargling then The Walkmen are available. Don’t forget to tune in next week when Von Bondies will be discussing the genius of Placebo

Mark Beaumont

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