Clinic : Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral is open from 8.30am to 6pm, 5.30pm on Sundays

To call 'Winchester Cathedral' a record of tension would be an understatement to rank alongside, "Goodness, those Scissor Sisters are a bit flamboyant."

Lead singer Ade Blackburn navigates its 12 tracks as if permanently on the edge of an eruption of unspecific rage, through music as taut, spare and ominous as Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds at their most malevolent. As on previous outings, Clinic are at their best when they bubble over and let the noise-pop dogs out. 'Circle Of Fifths' is a vast, barrelling sonic cousin of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds's 'When I First Came To Town'and 'WDYYB' sounds like the breakneck soundtrack to Pete Doherty's withdrawal nightmares. The heart-aching, tear-scorched likes of 'Anne', which is so raw it's almost painful to listen to, and the sozzled fairground-ride-through Hell that is 'Vertical Take Off In Egypt' provide a sort of relief – in the sense that having your teeth pulled out of your head might provide relief from a massive cardiac arrest. Not a comfortable listen, then but – hey! – if you want comfort, go knit a cardigan.

Pete Cashmore
8 / 10

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