[a]Kool Keith[/a] really is one crazy mixed-up kid....

Kool Keith really is one crazy mixed-up kid. Why else would he have killed off scary intergalactic gynaecologist Dr. Octagon, his renowned alias from 1996's Mo'Wax release 'Ecologyst', in favour of Dr Dooom, a man so transparently unscary he needs to spell his name wrong and appear on the sleeve wearing crap wigs?

Mad or not, the erstwhile Ultramagnetic MC would surely have been wise to retain the production services of Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura, to whom significant credit was due for creating Dr. Octagon's brilliant, groundbreaking cybersoundspace. Produced by Kutmasta Kurt and Keith himself (as The Diesel Truckers), 'First Come, First Served' feels lax and merely mundane by comparison, relying on clunky samples and over-familiar siren squelches to elevate the resolutely earthbound beats.

- or else just a certain (stereo)type, but ultimately these feel like pretty banal concerns for everyone else.

The irony is that in terms of sheer wordplay, the wack-asses still quiver in Keith's wake. His syncopated bursts, particularly on the album's standout 'Leave Me Alone', represent the apex of rap's verbal power. But as the Doctor ought to know, abuse of power comes as no surprise.
8 / 10

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