Carboot Soul

Not a lot to do with unlaced white trainers, but even post-rock has got an old school....

Not a lot to do with unlaced white trainers, but even post-rock has got an old school. Not old skool and wildstyle, mind, but something a bit more self-consciously intellectual. The educational establishment Peli are part of is a place where they learned to do very hard sums.

For Peli are that most difficult of challenges for the dealer in prefixes - retro post-rock, which might perhaps make them past-rock. Whatever, the several gentlemen called Scott who comprise the instrumental version of God's own footballer tackle the genre at its most bucolic and vibrant (reminiscent particularly of the early work of Tortoise and their co-conspirator Bundy K Brown), and not at the 'nice waveform, let's distort it' extremes it has latterly and Germanically operated.

In their blend of football and education, they are indeed Nick Hornby-esque. A track called 'Goal' says something about the Peli mindset. It's jumpers for goalposts, not glockenspiel solos for breakfast, aerobic exercise in arable land, not graph-plotting in Dortmund, and this ultimate triumph of spirit over intellect is where they stake their small claim.

A new twist. Occasionally those who can do, teach.
7 / 10

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