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Despite frequently sounding closer to [B]The Stray Cats[/B] than [B]The Clash[/B], [B]The Living End[/B] can write killer tunes that bristle with straining melodies and shrapnel guitars...

We are fast approaching the zenith of absurdity. The Living End proudly declare that they are Australia's premier power-punk trio. A boast, one assumes, roughly akin to proclaiming yourself Britain's leading marsupial.

Like their heroes Green Day and The Offspring, they mix ska, rockabilly and Carnaby Street punk, taking their inspiration from the secondary rather than primary sources. Which, as forthcoming single 'Prisoner Of Society' proves, generally means Sham 69. That song contains the snotty chorus, "Don't need no-one like you/To tell us what to do". But as well as being laughable pastiche, it also rockets by with speed-spiked exuberance.

Moreover, despite frequently sounding closer to The Stray Cats than The Clash, The Living End can write killer tunes that bristle with straining melodies and shrapnel guitars. It's just they follow them with maulings of The Cure's '10.15 Saturday Night', and, er, the theme from Prisoner Cell Block H. Which are obviously preposterous, but also showcase their self-mocking punk chutzpah.

It's the perfect encapsulation of The Living End. Stupid but fun. Let the purists tut.

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