Bragg, Billy : England, Half-English

Pinko veteran's cosy rants ...

OK, so it doesn't leave you particularly moved. It invokes scant anger. It's

as corny and flaky as corn flakes. But, admit it, the world would be a less

sane, safe place without the latter day musings of seasoned pinko

storyteller Billy Bragg. Although not a patch on 2000's Woody Guthrie

tribute sessions, 'England...' at least manages to gently steer us away from

the utter folly of rigid national identity. But the irony is that Bragg and The Blokes'

delivery sounds just as dated as the social traditions they lampoon.

We're now faced with the ludicrous predicament of receiving our radical

infotainment via a middle-aged people's crooner laying good intentions

on thick with titles like 'Take Down The Union Jack' and 'No Power

Without Accountability', while the music is a symptom of deep-rooted

passion outstripping relevance. Come on, kids, start blazing new leftist

trails so the Billy boys can retire gracefully. NOW!

Darren Johns
5 / 10

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