Bobby Conn - 'Macaroni'

A gloopy cheese-feast of sprightly psychedelic pop

  • Release Date 09 Apr, 2012
  • Producer Bobby Conn
  • Record Label Fire
  • Fact In 2003 Bobby produced a session for The Cribs, some of which featured on their 2004 debut
6 / 10
Once claiming to be the Antichrist during a bout of laudably vigorous self-promotion, Chicago’s Bobby Conn has never shied away from a grand statement given the opportunity. Though if you’re taking from that the image of some sort of glam-metal, Marilyn Manson-style gothic abrasion, you’d be disappointed/relieved to be way off the mark. ‘Macaroni’ is a gloopy cheese-feast of sprightly psychedelic pop, served with a dollop of wanton James Brown funk on the side. It’s an unhinged and unwieldy creation, just like the persona of its creator, which goes some way towards proving that the Devil really does have the best tunes.

Tom Edwards

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