Boy Kill Boy: Suzie

Life-affirming Mars-sized rocker

Boy Kill Boy
Alert Boring Party and tell four-eyes from The Futureheads the news! London’s Boy Kill Boy are here to claim their jerk-rock crown, and on the strength of ‘Suzie’ nothing outside an endorsement from Test Icicles will stop them. “This is not a movie!”, yelps deranged-looking singer Chris Peck, “Things just ain’t the same as your favourite video!” What can he mean? Who cares! Synths squelch suggestively. Guitars jack-knife horribly. Fidget-pop just doesn’t get any better. After one minute and 20 seconds he’s convinced you that every day should be lived like it’s your last. Then a chorus the size of Mars arrives. Somewhere in Las Vegas, Brandon Flowers shudders.

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