Album Review: Breakage - 'Foundation' (Digital Soundboy)

Bass music that embarks on world domination

Breakage’s d’n’b past explains why the spectre of ragga samples and Amen breaks haunt ‘Foundation’ like the persistent whiff of reefer smoke. Still, his groove-laden take on dubstep is more concerned with the future than the past. It’s to his credit that the Burial collaboration ‘Vial’, brilliant though it is, is actually one of the weaker moments here, the spooked garage sound paling in comparison to ‘Temper’, a stark elegy to the moment when the paranoia kicks in. It’s on ‘Speechless’, a heart popping Donae’o collaboration with a rolling bassline and processed guitar solo, that proves bass music’s next steps needn’t be shackled to the abstract – they can be massive strides towards world domination.

Louise Brailey

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8 / 10

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