Broadcast : Echo's Answer

...in come a pretty spooky set of drones, rattles and hums.

Formerly the unilaterally dressed citizens of the people's republic

of Broadcast, something of a technical revolution has been worked in the Brummie cadre of the state. Out go the Maoist 5/4 business formerly pushed as a matter of policy by their elders in Stereolab, and then solemnly emulated by them (Broadcast were seldom deviant from the party line), and in come a pretty spooky set of drones, rattles and hums. All in keeping with their new home at Warp, of course, even if - after three years since their last LP - you get the suspicion that with a bit of perseverance you could have trained sea lions, or indeed even the Stereophonics, to have accomplished much the same task. Still. Skill.

David Stubbs

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