Calexico : The Crystal Frontier

It sounds a little like a very depressed Gloria Estefan.

Ay caramba! But Calexico, you

are making me crazy with your mariachi sadcore fiesta! When

id Calexico get this upbeat about being down? Weren't they all long, knowing looks into the desert sunset not so long ago? Well, they've really picked up the pace here by employing Mariachi Luz de Luna - a Tucson based outfit,

it says here - to sprinkle a little horn-parping joy on 'The

Crystal Frontier'. And while their ebullient input spruces things up considerably, it does appear a tad awkwardly jolly. Worse, though,

it sounds a little like a very depressed Gloria Estefan. Is that what you were aiming for, fellas?

Ted Kessler

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