Caribou - 'Our Love'

The Canadian producer's thrilling fourth album ties together over a decade's worth of sonic kicks

  • Release Date 06 Oct, 2014
  • Producer Dan Snaith
  • Record Label Merge
9 / 10
Since the last Caribou album, 2010’s ‘Swim’, Dan Snaith has concentrated on releasing techno under his Daphni alias. The 35-year-old Canadian has said that those tracks come in rapid creative bursts, whereas Caribou’s need longer gestation. This fourth Caribou record encapsulates his whole career. Unwrap its rainbow artwork and you’ll find the plush harmonics of 2007’s ‘Andorra’ (‘Second Chance’), ‘Swim’’s cold, oscillating synths (‘Dive’) and Daphni’s strict beats (‘Mars’). There’s even some of the pre-Caribou two-step he released as Manitoba in 2001 (‘All I Ever Need’). Snaith’s twin drumkits and reverb have always woven thick looms of candyfloss texture, sometimes to detrimental effect. They feature here on ‘Julia Brightly’’s mix of breakbeat, zooming synths and sampled vocals – but they serve only as entertaining snatches at dancefloor nostalgia between the radio-friendly bangers, the best of which is the undulating ‘Can’t Do Without You’. ‘Our Love’, then, is the moment it all came together for Caribou.

Hazel Sheffield

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