Album Review: Cass McCombs - 'Humor Risk'

A little bit of quality control could have been employed

  • Release Date 07 Nov, 2011
  • Producer Ariel Rechtshaid, Cass McCombs
  • Record Label Domino
  • Fact The album was recorded in various locations in California
6 / 10
Humor Risk’ is Cass McCombs’ second release in six months but, though a little bit of quality control could have been employed (namely chopping at least a minute out of most of the tracks here), it’s certainly no rush job. With a subtle, Brendan Benson-esque warmth and an experienced knack of tackling Big Topics with a cheeky, nuanced wink (“Now let’s flip a coin to see who’s yin and who’s yang/It defies opinion whether they’re the same thang”) ‘Humor Risk’ sounds almost effortless. It’s no great foray away from the norm, yet it still constitutes a more than enjoyable addition to McCombs’ rapidly growing arsenal.

Lisa Wright

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