Album Review: Chad Valley - 'Equatorial Ultravox'

Lovely, but lacking those much needed hooks

If you’ve got time to come up with such admirable puns as that title, you’ve probably got a little too much of it on your hands. Perhaps if Hugo Manuel had tarried longer making the seven tracks on his second EP stand out from the lightweight euphoric dance-pop haze that surrounds cyberspace like a halo, and less coming up with zingers like ‘Shell Suite’, we might be able to remember some of these songs for more than five minutes.

But let’s be fair, hooks aren’t the point; immersive, incandescent and lightly trippy, ‘Equatorial Ultravox’ is undeniably lovely, and the title describes the vaguely early ’80s Mediterranean synth vibe pretty well. It’s just not exactly essential listening.

Emily Mackay

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5 / 10
Noisey Presents - Meet Chad Valley
Video: Noisey Presents - Meet Chad Valley

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