Album Review: Chickenhawk - Modern Bodies (Brew)

Unfortunately, there's nothing tremendously exciting behind the layers of testosto-rock and riff-age. Pulled Apart By Horses, anyone?

In the words of Anchorman’s meteorologist Brick Tamland, “LOUD NOISES”. And, er, not a whole lot else really. As a band calling themselves Chickenhawk inevitably would, the northern three-piece deal in balls-out, thrashing testosto-rock with maximum riffs and minimum tact. We are men, hear us roar. But, where fellow Leeds boys Pulled Apart By Horses balance the violent force with a wry lyrical wit and canny melody, Chickenhawk opt for the relentless bludgeoning approach. When the band rein it in somewhat (‘The Letdown’, ‘Kerosene’) the results are infinitely more intriguing, but the majority of ‘Modern Bodies’ eventually merges into one incessant yell.

Lisa Wright
4 / 10
Chickenhawk - 'I Hate This, Do You Like It'
Video: Chickenhawk - 'I Hate This, Do You Like It'

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