Clark - 'Iradelphic'

Has good bits, but feels a bit too safe

  • Release Date 02 Apr, 2012
  • Producer Chris Clark
  • Record Label Warp
  • Fact This is his 6th LP
6 / 10
Chris Clark is currently like the favourite uncle of the Warp family. It’s easy to imagine him lovingly telling HudMo and Rustie to turn down their heavy, maximalist dance a bit, and at the upcoming Bloc Weekender he’ll go home to read about quantum mechanics instead of getting ROFLcoptered until 6am. But even his own description of this album as “glowing, whole, invincible, complete” sounds like a luxury anti-ageing cream rather than something to get excited about. Sure, ‘Iradelphic’ has good bits – where Martina Topley Bird trills over off-beats (‘Secret’) – but although it’s smart, it also feels safe compared with the thrilling records Clark has made before.

Siân Rowe

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