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Philadelphia’s Circa Survive exist in the fast-growing netherworld of US rock. Whether you call it art-hardcore, emo-prog or just an enchanting racket, they occupy the space between Glassjaw’s hardcore prog and the majesty of Explosions In The Sky. The result is a brave new dawn within a musical ballpark that’s reinvented and mutilated itself more times in the past two years than Michael Jackson’s nasal tissue. Anthony Green (formerly of Cali-rocksters Saosin) sings his sorrow in a gorgeous cut-glass alto, while hard-brained guitars dance, fracturing like crystals in a kaleidoscope. With so many ideas in the same melting pot, you might have hoped for more variation, but with ‘The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose’, Circa Survive may just have hit on the next stage in emo’s evolutionary chain.

Dan Martin
7 / 10

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