Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 'Only Run'

The former buzzband enlist The National's Matt Berninger for guest appearance but can't quite match his band's quality

  • Release Date 02 Jun, 2014
  • Record Label Xtra Mile
5 / 10
‘Coming Down’, the best track on ‘Only Run’, is a blustery rocker featuring a guest vocal by The National’s Matt Berninger, and seems to indicate what Clap Your Hands are hoping for from their 2014. Once buzzband, now former buzzband hoping to re-emerge as slow-burning success story, the Philadelphians’ fourth album reaches, broadly, for what Berninger’s band does so well: mournful not-quite-anthems with a lyrical edge that tends towards the cryptic. ‘Blameless’ and ‘Little Moments’ marshal some nice glimmering synths, but Alec Ounsworth’s mewling vocal - while unquestionably distinctive - remains a bit of an odd proposition to achieve the requisite Everyman appeal.

Louis Pattison

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