Album Reviews: Class Actress - 'Rapprocher'

A hit and miss affair

  • Release Date 18 Oct, 2011
  • Producer Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal
  • Record Label Carpark
6 / 10
Elizabeth Harper is a folk singer who traded her six-string for entry to the discotheque. This, her debut, attempts to meld the trace-paper beats of chillwave with the predatory attitude of ’80s funk-pop. It’s a hit and miss affair. ‘Weekend’ finds her confessional singer-songwriter background lining up to the jittery beats with the right amount of awkward grace like some cross between Feist and Glass Candy’s Ida No. At other times, like on ‘All The Saints’, her eloquent enunciation jars with the cutesy hip-hop beats, and the effect is akin to watching Gwyneth Paltrow rapping ‘Straight Outta Compton’.
Priya Elan

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