Comet Gain - 'Paperback Ghosts'

Perennial outsiders return with seventh album of melancholy and hope

  • Release Date 07 Jul, 2014
  • Record Label Fortuna Pop!
7 / 10
Twenty years on the margins haven't dampened Comet Gain's spirits. Their seventh album finds the London indie veterans dusting their melancholy songs with hope and loveable melodies, each a compelling tale in its own right. This is literate, gentle rock in the vein of The Go-Betweens or Belle & Sebastian, with jangling guitars and strings making hazy summer soundtracks of 'The Last Love Letter' and 'Sixteen Oh Four', but on 'Breaking Open The Head Part 1' and '(All The) Avenue Girls', the band launch into the kind of berserk psych-pop peddled by the Television Personalities or, more recently, MGMT. They're brief, catchy brainstorms on a lovely record that tells its small stories with grace and care.

Matthew Horton

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