Connan Mockasin - 'Caramel'

The New Zealander’s weird, hypnotic second will rock you into a trance

Photo: Press
  • Release Date 04 Nov, 2013
  • Producer Connan Mockasin
  • Record Label Phantasy
7 / 10
You’ve got to admire a guy willing to put out music that resembles Syd Barrett, Prince and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac mashed up and played backwards. Connan Mockasin recorded his second album alone in a Tokyo hotel room, and it doesn’t feature many songs as such. Instead it’s 11 opportunities for the New Zealander to experiment with gloopy singing, sleepy guitar solos and Asian women chanting “C-O-N-N-A-N”, then squeeze these noises into segments of hypnotic weirdness. Aside from lead single ‘I’m The Man, That Will Find You’ and rumbling closer ‘I Wanna Roll With You’, structure and choruses are ditched in favour of recreating the feelings that remain after those dreams where you can’t hear what anyone’s saying. Five of the tracks are called ‘It’s Your Body’ and most of the lyrics are indecipherable. But allow ‘Caramel’ to ooze out and it’ll rock you into an unsettling trance.

tom howard

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