Cornershop - 'Urban Turban'

A goody-bag full of audio treats

  • Release Date 28 May, 2012
  • Producer Tjinder Singh, Ben Ayre
  • Record Label Ample Play
  • Fact Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayre have been makng music as 'Cornershop' for 21 years
8 / 10
According to singer Tjinder Singh, Beck’s creative guru once said Cornershop would be big, suffer a lull, and then go supernova. The concluding part here is yet to show but their recent albums justify the prediction that it will. ‘Judy Sucks a Lemon…’ (2009) was the classic-rock soundtrack to a day at the lido. ‘…Double-O Groove…’ (2011) refracted Punjabi folk through topsy-turvy electronica. And ‘Urban Turban’ is more grin-inducing than a piano-playing cat. It’s a screwy brew of languorous disco (‘Non-Stop Radio’, ‘Beacon Radio 303’), housey pop (‘Dedicated’), hip-hop (‘Milkin’ It’), multi-national vocals and kids singing that all-important question: “What did the hippy have in his bag?
Chris Parkin

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