Crocus - 'Our Memories Dress Me In A Dead Lust'

Unquestionably intense, but lacks dynamism

  • Release Date 13 Feb, 2012
  • Record Label Holy Roar
  • Fact The band decribe their sound as "frantic (bordering on) virtuoso guitar...iced with a vicious, angry emotional onslaught of a vocal".
5 / 10
There are still valiant soldiers fighting a lost war: using the genre descriptor ‘screamo’ to refer to a strain of ’90s DIY hardcore as opposed to repulsive Pro Tooled pop-metal misogynists. Crocus are one such squadron, their struggle intensified by coming from Cornwall, but they’ve found kindred spirits in the Tumblr-updating end of the UK punk scene, and responded with an impassioned debut album: 23 minutes of wire wool vocals, breakneck drum flailing, metallic guitar wheedle and twinkly post-rockish parts. It’s unquestionably intense, but sometimes lacks dynamism when set against their screamo ancestors.

Noel Gardner

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