Daft Punk: 'Alive 2007'

'You’ll have to imagine the giant neon pyramid, though'

Daft Punk’s ‘Alive 1997’, remains one of the best live albums ever – and that includes those made by ‘real’ bands with guitars and drums and stuff. A juddering 45-minute multiple eargasm, it documented Daft Punk exploding through the wall that divided rock music and club culture. This sequel, recorded in Paris in June, isn’t quite so revolutionary, but as a prolonged pop thrill, it’s peerless. Like its predecessor, the crowd noise is mixed high so it feels as if you’re in the midst of the throng. And because this isn’t your average rock show where the audience maintains a reverent silence during songs, people whoop all the way through, welcoming each riff like a footie crowd olé-ing the passes of a team 3-0 up. They even chant along to ‘Da Funk’ like some android army. One more time, we’re gonna celebrate. You’ll have to imagine the giant neon pyramid, though.

Sam Richards
7 / 10

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