Darlia - 'Knock Knock' EP

Darlia's hooks are as gigantic as the lyrics are intriguingly dark on Knock Knock

  • Record Label Ignition 45s
8 / 10
Newbie Manchester-via-Blackpool three-piece Darlia are deeply in love with the filthy sounds of ’90s US grunge. Top this off with singer Nathan Day’s impressively melodic bellow their low-slung rumble adds up to an extremely radio-friendly package. The hooks are as gigantic as the lyrics are intriguingly dark, and not just on lead track ‘Queen Of Hearts’ where Day asks: “Anyone up for a kill?/I don’t like the way they looked at me/Don’t tempt my head with thrills”. ‘Napalm’ shudders along full of early Green Day gobbiness, and the hyper-speed ‘Choke On Bones’ channels pre-‘Songs For The Deaf’-era Queens Of The Stone Age effectively. Dirty and exciting.

Jamie Fullerton

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