Album Review: Dave ID - 'Response'

Unique post-dubstep eccentricity

When we say ‘bedroom producer’, we imagine Londoner Dave Hedges’ ‘bedroom’ to be a little like Buffalo Bill’s lair from The Silence Of The Lambs, but with synths instead of women trapped down the well. Darkly eccentric, he weds post-dubstep and hip-hop production values with malevolent post-punk intent and ends up at a unique address in the same street as These New Puritans and Tricky (before he went rubbish).

The clanking, rattling evil of ‘When Everything Is In Its Place’ and the concussive beats and malevolent vocals on ‘SMR’ are blackly seductive, while ‘His’ adds a mournful, cathedral beauty. Make sure you’ve got your night-vision goggles.

Emily Mackay

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7 / 10
Dave I.D - 'Marvel'
Video: Dave I.D - 'Marvel'

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