David Kitt : The Big Romance

Irish singer-songwriter emerges from his bedsit

Do not adjust your volume. There's no point. Because even if you crank him up to 11, David Kitt still sings like a tiny wounded bear in a big, dark forest. Kitt's mini-album debut, 'Small Moments', from earlier this year was also a whisper of a record. So 'The Big Romance' demands some hush.

Its lack of volume perfectly adorns the songs though, which magnify the little details (pedestrians, graffiti, that kind of thing) of Kitt's daily adventures in Dublin. But the young Irishman isn't merely a prolific stopgap between David Gray albums. Instead, his music is delicately innovative, with electronica and skewed beats skipping through the sparse, home-recorded lullabies 'Song From Hope St (Brooklyn, NY)', 'Private Dance' and 'Step Outside In The Morning Light'. Kitt is still a singer-songwriter, but what makes him special are his words - with people walking like "broken beats" - which are rhythms in themselves.

Despite the looped tenderness, Kitt isn't the Irish Badly Drawn Boy. His songs are more withdrawn, even on the beat-driven 'Strange Light In The Evening' and the boisterous 'You And The City'. And while Ibiza, Ayia Napa and the Summer Of Rock are about to explode, Kitt still has the songs to make himself heard.

Andre Paine
7 / 10

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