Def Leppard : Goodbye

..a purring power ballad ..

It's ver Lep! And they're back! Again! So shall we do the Def Leppard joke? Just one more time? Oh go on! OK - "Grrr! Pardon?" - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gets you every time, doesn't it?

This, unfortunately, is "a purring power ballad written by bassist Rick Savage". So let's stop right there. Lep, NO! Didn't anyone tell you that the very first thing New Labour did when they came to power was to ban the power ballad? I'm afraid we're going to have to make an example of you, lads.

Sorry, but by the powers invested in me by God, NME and Tony Blair I hereby revoke your Licence To Rock. 4 EVA! But it's not all doom and gloom because - in line with New Labour's concept of 'caring Conservatism' - Culture Minister Chris Smith has got you all jobs as living waxworks in Sheffield's National Centre For Popular Music. So count your blessings.

Steven Wells

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