Doves : There Goes The Fear

Definitely the drunk-bicycling-through-a-meadow record of the week...

Judging by the kaleidoscopic buoyancy of mood encapsulated by the circling guitar figures and priapic bass, a truckload of high quality Ecstasy must've been abandoned outside Doves’ studio during the recording of this track from their forthcoming 'The Last Broadcast' album. "Think of me when you're coming down/Don't look back when you're leaving town" murmurs Jimmy Goodwin, but the sense of regret is lightly etched. There's just enough nostalgia for lost summers/girlfriends to link it spiritually to earlier Mancunian beat pop, but mostly 'Fear' is a beautifully spun haze of loved-up reassurance. The moping of earlier works is unlikely to be banished from Doves’ style forever, but for the time being this is definitely the drunk-bicycling-through-a-meadow record of the week.

Roger Morton

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