Album review: Drum Eyes - 'Gira Gira' (Upset The Rhythm)

DJ Scotch Egg knows you gotta crack a few yolks to make a noise omelette

For those who thought Shigeru Ishihara was only good for decimating Game Boys in a fit of super-charged speed techno under his DJ Scotch Egg alias, think again. Having tentatively dipped his toes into the world of live instrumentation, Ishihara has come up with Casio-wielding noise artists Drum Eyes: a Herculean force of instrumental electronic post-rock that weaves in and out of genres regardless of forms, order or blueprints. The sludge rock of ‘13 Magicians’ is only outdone by the baroque synths dancing fleetingly around doom riffs and metal onslaughts on ‘Future Police’, paralleled only by the marvel of space-rock anthem ‘50-50’. An epic record with endless possibility.

Ash Dosanjh

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8 / 10

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