Harcourt, Ed : Apple Of My Eye

It walks on the wild side of The Lighthouse Family...

Ed Harcourt and David Gray. They're different, right? Because, like, one of them's a lousy, wimpy, mums and dads singer for people whose idea of fun is renting a copy of 'Friends' Series Two from Blockbuster Video on a Saturday night and the other's... hang on, where's this argument going? Ah yes, the horrible truth. The only thing that differentiates the current slew of UK singer-songwriter types is the fact that David Gray's had a hit and the rest of them haven't. 'Apple Of My Eye' is the other, other Ed Harcourt song that sounds like Ryan Adams sounding like Richard Marx sounding like Elton John. It walks on the wild side of the Lighthouse Family and - believe us - there are some mighty tough 'hoods in Chiswick.

Jim Wirth

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