Emma Bunton : What Took You So Long?

Hang out the bunting and, indeed, hang out with Bunton...

So proud are the Spice Girls of

their fabulous R&B direction that the first new Spice material to be released in the aftermath of 'Forever' involves not Rodney 'I'm expecting Michael Jackson so do your vocals and get out' Jerkins, but... the men who did 'Wannabe'! Hang out the bunting and, indeed, hang out with Bunton, who with 'What Took You So Long?' has come up with a solo Spice single which actually sounds like a solo single rather than just a Spice track with only one person fronting it. Not only that, it a) all drops out before the chorus, second only

to air raid sirens in terms of ace things that can happen in pop records, and b) doesn't involve Gregg Alexander.

Peter Robinson

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