Album review: Esclin Syndo - 'Sleeping Traveler'

Too much bluster spoils the broth

Magyar mavericks Esclin Syndo are dementedly eclectic: a typical song might borrow from Massive Attack in one bar and Rush in the next. Beyond trip-hop and pomp-metal, they also dabble in brooding electronica, elegiac synth-pop and raunchy funk. So ‘Sleeping Traveler’ has the makings of a wonderful musical adventure. Sadly, the ship is sunk by Dalma Berger’s vocals; when she’s not stage whispering or impersonating Björk, Berger practises a style of histrionic bellowing made infamous

by Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes. Yes, her. Once, Perry ruined only her own albums. Now, it seems, she can even ruin records indirectly, and her evil tentacles reach as far as eastern Europe. Be afraid.

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Niall O’Keeffe

5 / 10

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