Album Review: Everyone To The Anderson - 'The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse'

Marrying past and present with rock finesse

Bemoaning the vainglory of retromania à la pop critic Simon Reynolds is to overlook the art of fine-tuning; ETTA may dabble with post-rock profundity, but they do so with finesse.

Possessing the math-rock acumen of Foals – heard on jaunty opener ‘High Brow, Low Brow, No Eye Brow’ – the Brighton three-piece build upon the back-catalogues of noise rockers of yore, tweaking them to recall Sunn O)))’s brutal simplicity on ‘Hope In The Valley’ and Shellac’s rhythmic furore on ‘Danzig High Flyer’. Sometimes, you can have both a foot in the past and a finger on the pulse.

Ash Dosanjh

8 / 10

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