Exitmusic - 'Passage'

Quivers and quakes

  • Release Date 21 May, 2012
  • Record Label Secretly Canadian
  • Fact Exitmusic is made up of NYC duo Aleska Palladino and Devon Church
7 / 10
United in matrimony and music, Brooklyn-based duo Devon Church and Aleksa Palladino embrace their Radiohead-inspired name in sound and sentiment. Their debut album proper quivers and quakes with the cinematic electronics and emotional abandonment of a soundtrack to Armageddon. But for all its bleak, dark fissures, bright and tender lights serenely burst out with hope. Opening title-track and ‘The City’ flicker like lit candles, before burning bright at their core of ruinous drums and Palladino’s femme fatale vocal. ‘The Modern Age’ blossoms as a pop noir anthem, while the ruminating close of ‘Sparks Of Light’ sedates its final stirring throes.

Thomas A Ward

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