Fair Ohs - 'Jungle Cats'

Black leather out, Hawaiian shirts in

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  • Release Date 27 May, 2013
  • Record Label Dream Beach
London's Fair Ohs are a punk band who've ditched their black leather studded jackets in favour of tropical Hawaiian shirts, and 'Jungle Cats' is the sound of three dudes on an expedition into the tropics. Afrobeat, calypso riffs and a free-jazz philosophy bring the sunshine, and opener 'Green Apple Milk' is eccentric in the Tune-Yards mould with frontman Eddy Frankel singing about alligators, deserts and oceans over swirling layers of sax. 'Citric Placid' is jittering post-punk accelerating faster than a cheetah, there's surf-rock that comes with a Beach Boys choral harmony on 'Panama Red Jets', and the reverb on 'Salt Flats' could soundtrack a Saharan sunrise. Wild stuff.

Kurt Murphy

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