Fanfarlo - 'Rooms Filled With Light'

Pop that’ll frazzle yer neurons

  • Release Date 27 Feb, 2012
  • Producer Ben Allen, David Wrench
  • Record Label Atlantic
7 / 10
Crikey! Indie in white lab coats! The second album from Fanfarlo sees them using the complex structures and sounds borrowed from Steve Reich and the weirder end of Scott Walker to augment their sparkly guitar jangle as they explore the bigger lyrical themes (science, philosophy, apocalypse) where most fear to tread. So the giddy ‘Replicate’ is a catchy look at viruses, while ‘Lens Life’ explores our human need to document every moment of our lives. Best is ‘Tunguska’, where a velveteen swing guides home a song about a meteorite exploding over Siberia. Large Hadron pop that’ll frazzle yer neurons.

Luke Turner

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