Fixed Stars : Here comes the music

This smarmy, eager-to-please, cheese-fest of a song

Fixed Stars aren't going to beat around the bush. They want to be huge. Huger than huge. And they're gonna tell you all about it. "Here comes the music... For the critics who've failed as musicians/For the playlists of radio stations/For the housewives across the whole nation..." Yes, that huge. Steps huge. Boyzone huge. Oasis huge. With this song. This


eager-to-please, cheese-fest of a song. Which could, in the blink


a visionary eye, be slotted into next year's Eurovision Song Contest, lip-synced by preternaturally cheerful people with far too many teeth, and lose, by a hair, to a trio of eunuchs from Luxembourg.

Still, second on the bill at the Camden Falcon this week. With any luck, next month they'll make the Dublin Castle.

April Long

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