Album Review: Former Ghosts - New Love (Upset The Rhythm)

Freddy Rupert's second album as Former Ghosts is blanketed in scratchy noise and fractious beauty

You know you’re bound for ROFL-ville when you read the words “featuring Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu and Zola JesusNika Roza Danilova”, and sure enough Freddy Ruppert’s second album as Former Ghosts is as warm, life-affirming and snuggly as a coatless night on the Siberian steppes. Bleak and bereft love songs are blanketed in scratchy noise, resulting in a fractious beauty reminiscent of Warp artists like Bogdan Raczynski, as on ‘Taurean Nature’, where fizzing sine waves crack with sudden rainstorm violence into a crisp and glassy atmosphere. The aptly titled ‘Chin Up’ featuring Zola Jesus offers variety, pulsing with a melodic energy that’s closer to Cold Cave’s stern pop.

Emily Mackay

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7 / 10

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