Francois And The Atlas Mountains - 'E Volo Love'

A warm, relaxing audio-breeze

  • Release Date 23 Jan, 2012
  • Producer Jean-Paul Romann
  • Record Label Domino
  • Fact François looks for instruments at car-boot sales.
7 / 10
Falling between the slick FM rock of his countrymen and the wooze and waft of those looking to conjure seaside climes, France’s François Marry’s first album for Domino sounds strangely anachronistic, almost like a distant, rather less potent cousin to Destroyer’s ‘Kaputt’. Its gentle organ grooves, lightly pattered bongos and Marry’s wistful croon evoke summer holidays spent in parochial French discotheques, gently swinging by dub (‘Edge Of Town’) and swirls of ‘Piledriver Waltz’-like romance (album highpoint ‘Buried Treasures’). ‘E Volo Love’ may seem oddly relaxed at first, but acclimatising is a breeze.

Laura Snapes

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