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Imaging the mind that invents something as calculated as Garbage....

IMAGINE THE MIND THAT INVENTS something as calculated as Garbage. Then try to imagine the mind that creates something so calculated it could tour with Garbage. Forever. That second something is Tin Star, three grown British men who know a thing or four about making dance music for people who can't dance.

'The Thrill Kisser' (their debut) is a classic ooh-it's-nearly-the-end-of-the-millennium album, swimming with electronic trickeries, urban mutterings and healthily crunchy rhythms. Curiously familiar it may be, but knock them not for their commercial munificence, as 'Raincheck' is as meticulous as postmodern-day U2, 'Disconnected Child' grapples with Underworld's weary grittiness and 'Don't Say' is Underworld and U2 being a bit narcoleptic together.

Points off for 'Viva' because it is a bit like INXS and includes the line "Viva! La Revolution!" which, as any fool knows, is only ever shouted by old punks who don't know what decade it is. Otherwise, the only problem here is that one suspects that much of 'The Thrill Kisser''s futuristic soundscapes will sound tremendously old-fashioned come 2001. Then again, won't we all...

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