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These two men are probably best known for [a]Bjork[/a]'s favourite remix of [B]'All Is Full Of Love'[/B]...

It's quite a name to drop - and not just because saying 'Funkstorung' a lot is good fun. These two men are probably best known for Bjork's favourite remix of 'All Is Full Of Love', but Funkstorung (that's 'radio interference', to you) have also smoothed out countless other tracks with their computer love since meeting in '92.

Tonight is Funkstorung's live UK debut, and so it's difficult to know what to expect. Until now, the German duo have mostly been known as remixers: wriggling with ideas, slick with pristine dynamics and crazy-paved beats, all of which surface on their ace 'Additional Productions' mix compilation. As it is, we don't recognise a note because tonight's tracks are all new, as-yet-unnamed productions, hewn from their own musical quarries.

They are unmistakably ace, though. Abstract shivers and disarrayed pops gradually right themselves into killer grooves; indelibly lovely shimmers morph into steely breakdowns. It's complicated stuff, but irresistibly spring-heeled.

The frequent comparisons Funkstorung get to Warp artists are justified - like when Funkstorung's sneaky rhythms start to slip and slide like an Aphex Twin track might. But there are moments when Michael Fakesch (tall) and Chris De Luca (small) twist and bend tones over lathered-up beats like Orbital might if they were playing Kraftwerk. Essentially, wunderbar.

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