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The results are worth the wait..The first four songs alone are stunning..

Perfectionism is a dangerous business when people have such short memories. Two years ago, Geneva were the well-deserved centre of attention, resident on what was then known as the NME Bratbus and jostling for position in the Top 40. Even to the least excitable bystander, their success seemed assured. Until the band disappeared off the face of the planet - or, at least, retreated back to Scotland to contemplate their second album and, knowing how crucial it would be, spent far too long fretting over every last detail. Thankfully, though, the results are worth the wait.

The first four songs alone are stunning. The soaring falsetto tones of singer Andrew Montgomery are still the focus, but the outlook is more world-weary ('Amnesia Valley') and bitterly beautiful ('If You Have To Go'). However, it takes time to appreciate it because, possibly driven by the disillusionment of being London's short-lived flavour of the week, Geneva have dispensed with the more accessible aspects of last album, 1997's 'Further'.

Occasionally, you need to work to remember why they originally seemed so special, but, if you were one who listened to the music rather than the hype first time around, persevere. The rewards are well worth it.
7 / 10

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